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About us

ARIS AGRO, SL is a company born with an agricultural vocation. It is a company created by people who love Agriculture. That they have been raised with her and for her. It was born to fill a gap that did not exist: that of the production of Special Fertilizers applied to each crop and for each specific need. With these principles, ARIS AGRO, SL was born to reach specific market sectors where large multinational corporations cannot reach. That is why we love Agriculture, it is why we develop sustainable products and always try to use clean technologies and raw materials, with respect for the environment and the rational use of natural resources that allows us to satisfy the needs of present generations without compromising the possibilities of future generations. future generations.

Our objective is: To place the company on the foundations of knowledge and innovation, with tools that respect the environment and in an environment that favors quality employment, equal opportunities and social cohesion. We also aim to improve competitiveness using information technology, science, continuous innovation and internationalization. For all this we have an enthusiastic and excellent human team, good facilities and a business policy of work, improvement and development of activities that are environmentally and socially sustainable and at the same time financially possible and profitable.

Our facilities

Our staff

We have a team of professionals, among which are: agronomists, chemists, biochemists and technicians, they work in a high-tech environment with a high degree of dynamism, providing the company with experience and a great capacity to adapt to new industry technologies. Try our products, we are sure you will not regret it. We are located in Xeraco.


Research and development of new technologies

We allocate part of our R&D resources to make our product one of the most advanced on the market.


We work with the latest technologies, always taking maximum care of the process to guarantee the quality of the product, which is why we have our own factory where the entire project is developed.


Our products are marketed throughout the national territory, through our own distribution channel. We have clients in the Middle East and North Africa and in the not too distant future, we will begin to enter European and American territory.